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Counselors at The Cognitive Connection are specialists in behavioral intervention and substance abuse treatments.

They are trained to help people put their lives back on track.

We are committed to empowering clients to succeed in daily life.

We can help you if you're having trouble in the areas of school, work, family, friends, substance abuse, law enforcement, courts, or probation officers.


We offer many professional services including:

Alcohol, Drug & DWI Assessments, Outpatient Alcohol & Drug Treatment Programs, Individual Alcohol & Drug Treatment Programs, Family Alcohol & Drug Counseling, Cognitive Behavioral Intervention and Rehabilitation.

We also provide employment and training services for youth and adults, see the Employment & Training link for more information.

Clay, Wilson & Associates

The Cognitive Connection maintains CARF accreditation, which shows our commitment to continually improving services, encouraging feedback, and serving the community.

This accreditation brings assurance to persons seeking services that we have demonstrated conformance to internationally accepted quality standards.